Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zoe's First Trip to ER

Poor Zoe had her first trip to the ER. Grey thought he would help me when she didn't want to come to dinner by dragging her caveman style into the kitchen. She let out a scream and started crying her arm hurt. I could tell by her scream that something was wrong so I kept an eye on it through dinner and soon realized, even though she wasn't crying, she would not move or use her left arm at all. Occasionally, she would stick out her little lip and it would quiver as she told me it still hurt. Then she would be okay for awhile, again, just not using it. Finally I tried to get a hold of Brandon to see what I should look for in a broken arm since he was out for a work dinner. He came home and we both could tell it just wasn't right so I took her up to the ER while he took Grey with him to finish bowling with work.

The doctor thought at first it was nursemaid's elbow but then there was something that moved and a weird bump in her forearm so we went for an xray. The xray came back clear so it was definitely nursemaid's elbow (a dislocated elbow). The worst part about it was sitting in the middle of the ER pod chatting about it and what we would need to do to pop it back in and the doctor looked around, searching for a room with a closed door so we wouldn't disturb the other patients while she tried to replace it. Zoe screamed and screamed and wouldn't let the doctor near her again (it was after 10 at this point) so the doctor said we should go home and get some sleep since they couldn't do much now with her being traumatized and that she wouldn't hurt anything further with it still being dislocated.

We get home, Grey was devastated that he "broke Zoe" so we went up to his room (he had started to cry when he heard us come in) to tell him she was okay. Zoe went to crawl to him (forgetting she couldn't use one of her arms) and fell on the bed. She sat up and all of a sudden could use her arm. She had fixed it herself!! Unfortunately, the doc did say she would have a higher probability of dislocating it again until everything is for fortified when she is around 5 years old. At least we know now how to fix it!
A few minutes after it happened, she ate dinner one handed.
 Played in the bath one handed before heading to the ER
 Patiently waiting in the waiting room people watching.

Waiting for the doctor
 PISSED at the doctor for trying to re-set her arm.

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