Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Time

Christmas time is such a busy fun filled time of year. Each year keeps getting better with the kiddos. It is so fun to see it all through their eyes.

Hunting for that perfect tree!

 Tree decorating...Grey can almost touch the star this year!
 Hanging her new princess ornament

 Santa Claus always makes his rounds around the neighborhood each year to see how the kids are doing. He even stops for a little chat at our local school so we walk down to meet him there and catch up before Christmas Day!

 More and more stockings each year at Grammie's and Grandpa's!
 Grey wanted to take some "presents" to the local humane society
 Annual Breakfast with Santa in Healdsburg

 Peet was into all kinds of mischief this year!
 We heard our cousins Stella and Ax were going to be making a visit back to Missouri from the East coast so we had to join in on the fun and take a short trip back to see them before Christmas Day! We left daddy at home to work and pay the bills :)
 Enjoying some much missed Uncle Ben and Auntie Quinn time!
 Wish we were not on opposite coasts...but it might be a good thing, these girls would be trouble!
 This smoky the bear at Burr Oaks Woods has been there since I was a little girl. One of my favorite memories..." Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"
 Zoe and Ax having fun in a box. Silly kids!

 Grandma Georgi and Gigi loving on the grandbabies!
 Grey was practicing the "look"
 Quick trip to Bass Pro...we could have stayed all day except there was a ice/snow storm on its way!

 Nicki braved the weather to come play!

 Books and Jammies...

 It was the perfect light and fluffy snow for shoveling.
 Grey's boots were soaking wet so he borrowed a pair of Granny Jo's for the second time around!

 We got back to California just in time for Christmas morning. We went out to Grammie and Grandpa's Christmas Eve but stayed home Christmas Day for a nice mellow (slightly sick) day. It was so nice and calm and peaceful considered most years we are running around everywhere! It was great to be home all day!

 Grey getting some baby Owen snuggles Christmas Eve!
 The day after Christmas, we had to go enjoy our Christmas gifts starting with their new binoculars.
 Then off to the driving range to try out Grey's new golf clubs.

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