Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Wives' Tales

Zippy and I are not going to find out early if we are having a boy or a girl. If anyone asks Zippy, you get your normal Zippy response. When they ask, he responds that yes, we are going to find out because we will have to change the diapers at some point.

Of course everyone has their prediction on what it will be. According to one old wives' tale, if the heart rate is under 140, it is a boy; if it is over 140 it is a girl. Well, at our 8 week appointment it was 140, at 12 weeks it was 180, and at 16 weeks it was 160. If it is true, we are having a girl. BUT...according to all the other tales you can find online, we are having a boy. Where do they come up with this stuff??!


Rebecca said...

Hey - how did you become a follower of my blog - I want to become a follower of your blog!!! Didn't even know you had your blog up.

Don't forget I have a really cute baby girl hat in the works, so I am hoping for a girl for you!

Jill said...

YEAH! Now I can stalk you too!

Hmmm, it's so hard to tell still. I'm going to save my guess for a later date.


Bill and Paige said...

Yeah! I'm so excited you started a blog! Now I can stalk you:)

Just remember, you can find anything on the internet to support your theory:)

Anonymous said...

I found you I found you!! Took me long enough, sheesh. You better keep up with this thing now!

Brian and Michelle said...

My guess is a boy. Andrew needs a friend to play with!