Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're Back!

After some technical difficulty, I finally remembered how to get onto my blog and now have time to play with how to actually use it.

Things are going well with the pregnancy. We just went back last week for an ultrasound and it is amazing how much the baby changes in such a short time!

26 weeks

19 weeks

We are starting the third trimester now and I think I am feeling the first few symptoms of nesting. With all of my family and some friends back in Missouri, I have been trying to plan when everyone should come out....which is kind of hard when we don't know when Baby ZJ will actually arrive!! We still haven't started the nursery, I still can't decide exactly what to do. I have the color scheme in mind and it will have a monkey/jungle animal theme...but I just haven't figured out exactly how to execute the idea! Very frustrating!!
We had Zippy's Christmas party last weekend and it was alot of fun. They had someone there taking photos so I finally got a picture of Zippy and me!

Zippy and Jen - 27 weeks

I promise to come back more often but right now I need to get some Christmas shopping done!!


Brian and Michelle said...

Yeah, you're back online! I can't wait to read about the adventures of Jen, Zippy and ZJ!!

Bill and Paige said...

OMG!! You look so cute! I can't wait to see what you do with the nursery. I'm sure it will look very cute. And don't worry about not starting it yet. I haven't even started either. I don't even have furniture:)

Aunt Barbara said...

I am so excited for all of you
I am glad you are going to your dad to work, kkep him out of trouble. Take care and God bless

Anonymous said...

Oh you guys look so cute! Yay for blogging!

Jill said...

Aww, you guys look great! Let me know if you need help organizing ZJ's room. You can sit back and play with Shane...actually there isn't much relaxing when it comes to that kid!