Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flashback Thursday!

After a long day of skiing - Feb. 2006, 2 days before our wedding

Ahhh, memories. Zippy is headed to Tahoe tonight for the weekend to enjoy some boy time before baby comes. We have been jokingly calling it his baby bachelor party. He is on call from here on out for baby day!

We got married on Lake Tahoe and have many many good memories of skiing and hanging out in the mountains. We both absolutely love it there but have had a hard time getting time away now that we are all 'grown up'. In winter 06/07, for our first anniversary, we bought season ski passes and we went up almost every weekend that season. Then the next year(last season) rolled around and I was in my Master's program, we had the he went up by himself a couple of times while I stayed home to do all my homework. I think I went up once, maybe twice. This year, well, I don't think I will be making it up for much of the season! Luckily, it has been a sucky season with little snow so I don't feel THAT jealous that I am not going. Maybe we will have a great late ski season this year and we can go up together after baby comes. I doubt I will be doing much skiing but it would be fun to see the snow and sit in front of the fire in the cabin. PLUS, Northstar has the BEST Bloody Mary's that I have ever had!! Yum, yum!!

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Jill said...

Ryan got a new snowboard 3 Christmas' ago and we STILL haven't made it out on the mountain. We are terrible! We are planning on taking Shane to the snow for the first time later this month though.

Haha, and I love that you are already thinking about having a drink!