Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My New Mommy Car!

Ok, I stink at this wordless Wednesday thing so far. If I am going to post, I might as well write! We got a new car this weekend. After driving my 1999 2-door Ford Escort since I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL, we decided it was time to upgrade. We have been talking about it for over a year and finally just did it. A 2-door 10 year old car just wasn't going to cut it as the main mode of transportation for mommy and baby. The Honda CRV is one of the safest rated cars out there right now, gas mileage isn't bad, and it is just plain CUTE! This is the color we got (glacier blue) but this picture doesn't do it justice. It is more blue than this picture shows. I pulled this off the web because I keep forgetting to take pictures while there is still day light! I promise to post pictures later of the real deal :-)
We had our January doctor's appointment last week and everything was great. The OB finds Zippy so entertaining that she actually joked that she wanted to switch to pediatrics just so she can continue care with our family. She said watching Zippy go through raising a child would be totally worth a career change! We also discussed my last day of work. She wrote the note so I can go off as early as February 9th but I think I would go crazy at home for a month. So, somewhere between February 9th and February 20th will be my last day of work! We start our birth preparation class tonight so wish us luck. I am sure I will have some entertaining stories from that, too!

Zippy finished the floors in the guest room over the weekend and we moved most of the furniture back in last night. We are ready to set up the nursery now! Pictures will be posted soon!!


Jill said...

So exciting! I love the new car. I looked at those when I bought mine, but just couldn't afford it.

Can't wait to hear how your class went! I hope you got the same teacher we had :D

Brian and Michelle said...

I love the new car! Class should be very interesting with Zippy...let us know how it goes!!

Bill and Paige said...

Love the new car! It will be alot easier getting s/he in and out.

Your ob is right...watching zippy raise a child will be comical, so please keep your blog updated! If I were her I would totally change careers:)

And from someone that stays at home with no child won't get bored. I always find something to occupy my time. You might even like a little r and r before your life is completely changed.

The Gomez Family said...

I agree with the previous comment about not getting bored at home. I LOVED it because there is always something to do and you can take naps! Weeks 36 on you are tired and just want to chill - no motivation at work! (or maybe it was just me?!!) We need to get together sometime soon!