Sunday, May 10, 2009

2 months

Time sure flies when we are having fun! I can't believe it has already been two months. You are such a busy little boy who loves to be on the move. We are going to be in trouble once you figure out how to move on your own. We will never be able to keep up! I am having a hard time getting good pictures because you are constantly moving. There is at least a blurry hand or foot in very picture. But over half my pictures look like this.....

We are so lucky to have lots of friends who are home during the day. We have play dates with Andrew (11 months), Ruby (4 months), Fletcher (18 months), and Noa (5 weeks) whenever we can because you love new surroundings and new people.
Grandma DeShazer watched you for the first time when you were 7 weeks old. We have a wedding to attend in a few weeks and we want to make sure you are comfortable with taking a bottle. You weren't too sure about the bottle but grandma figured out that you are just picky. You have to have it a specific temperature. If it starts to cool off, you stop eating!
When you were just over 6 weeks old, you decided you hated to take naps. You protest quite loudly when you need to nap(it sounds like we are torturing you!) and it takes awhile to get you to fall asleep as you fight to keep your eyes open. You just don't want to miss a thing!! Luckily though you are a 'good' night sleeper. You are sleeping for longer and longer in your bassinet-up to 4 hour stretches and only wake up about twice to eat at night. We may have kicked everyone else out of the room though because your dad tends to sleep on the couch more and more and the dogs stay out there with him!
You can entertain yourself for longer periods of time. You love your playmat-there is frog that you smile at all the time and you love to figure out how to get the cat to move and rattle. You are finally enjoying your swing. This is the only place I have ever seen you just chill.
You are full of smiles and talk all the time to us, to your toys, to the dogs, anything that will listen!
You can lift your head and shoulders off of the floor for longer every day. I am glad you are one of those rare babies who actually enjoy tummy time! You get stronger everyday.
You discovered your hands and feet. Who would have known that those flailing things were attached to your body AND that you could control them?! You have started grabbing my fingers and your toys with alot more control and started grabbing your toes, too!
You and your dad practice 'walking' all the time. You love it when he holds you where you can walk up his stomach and chest. Actually if you start getting fussy, we can always get you to stop by letting you pull yourself up into a standing position.
I really wish you would stay a little baby just for a little longer! You want to be constantly moving, doing new things, and being turned out to see the world. What happened to my little boy who just a few short weeks ago wanted to sleep and snuggle all day long?
You sure keep us busy and we are looking forward to watching you grow!!


Zeph said...

I'm telling you, he is AFRAID of that soccer ball!!! Look at him!! He really wants a book, not a ball. I can see how you'd confuse the two, both are 4 letters long, both start with b, both contain double letters....But one scares him, and the other will bring him hours of entertainment! :)

Happy Moms Day!!!!

Becca said...

Happy mothers day! The pictures are great. I can't believe it is two months already.

Bill and Paige said...

He is so cute!! I love the bath picture and the one where he is asleep in your arm:) What's with our kids not napping? At least they sleep at night:)


Tania said...

So so cute! Love the photos!

Grevin don't grow too fast!!

A Mother's Nature said...

Aw he is toooo cute! Two months already???!! WOW!

Jill said...

Oooh, it all goes by TOO FAST! That bath picture is priceless :D

I can't wait for Grevin to meet Shane.