Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cloth Diaper Contest

Hello, all you fellow mommies! Have any of you used cloth diapers? How was your experience with it and what was your favorite type? We are starting this adventure and I am constantly looking for suggestions. I just entered a contest to win AppleCheeks from DiaperStyle. This starter kit looks awesome! The covers are SUPER adorable. Wouldn't Grevin look too cute in these? What I really like is that with the dogs, I won't have a bunch of smelly cloth diapers hanging out in his room! I am dreading them getting into the diapers!!

Also, I wanted to thank my friend, Rebecca, for making me this adorable diaper cover. I have such crafty friends, you would think it would start to rub off!

1 comment:

Zeph said...

Slightly confused....do you want US to make comments on their blog so if we win we can give your info??? Cause you know I will...I might even go so far to become a facebook friend....maybe....