Monday, August 10, 2009

Month 5

Dear Grevin,
This month can be summed up in one word: RASPBERRIES.

You have figured out how to blow raspberries and you do it all the time. In the car. During tummy time. When you swing. When we read books. While you nurse. While you play in your jumpy. At 3 am in the morning. If you are awake, it is almost guaranteed that we will get to hear you blowing raspberries and laughing at yourself. Of course the drool is running down your face but that is half the fun!

Month 5 has been a busy one. We were in Missouri and got to visit lots of family and friends. You got your second cold(we are blaming your dad for this one! He went to Miami and came back sick). You went on a boat for the first time. You went into the lake for the first time. You went to the river for the first time. You went to your first wedding. The busier we are, the happier you are. You get very bored just sitting at home-you would much rather be around a lot of people and doing new things.

I started work this month and you are enjoying hanging out with Grammie and Grandpa. If Grandpa walks into the room, you will stop what you are doing and watch everything he does. You love hanging out with them so much that you don't want to sleep! Of course, we need to work on this because you are DONE around 5:30 when you don't get a good nap in. THEN, you want to wake up at 3 am!

You are rolling both ways now-just not very often. I think you are too busy blowing raspberries to want to go anywhere. When you are on your belly, you can go in a full circle, backwards, and I have seen you go forward once. It will not be long before you will be cruising around the house!

We have to keep everything out of your reach or else you have it in your hands and then STRAIGHT to your mouth. It is amazing how fast you have become with your hands. If you know it is within your reach, you can immediately grab and hold on. You have only knocked over one glass and daddy was fast enough to keep your from dumping his plate on the floor at the restaurant last week!

You are very interested in food all of a sudden. You watch everyone eat and will open your mouth if anyone puts food near it. You love to watch me drink out of a water bottle. You try to grab it and try to drink out of it, too. We are going to try to hold out a few more weeks-mainly because I am not quite ready for the mess!

Bath time has always been your favorite and it has just become even more fun. You graduated to the bath chair this month. The infant tub was just too small and you kept trying to sit up or roll over so it was getting a little too crazy for me. I tried sitting you in the 'toddler' side but you kept falling over trying to get your toys. Now you can sit up, grab your toys as they float by, and splash like crazy. And of course, blow raspberries.

You are starting to sit up a little by yourself longer and longer. You immediately topple over backwards if you straighten up and if there is something to the side you want, you fall over. I am sure you will have this mastered very soon and I look forward to it because you love to be upright. You love your bumbo, your exersaucer, and your jumperoo. You haven't figured out how to jump in it, but you love to be on your toes.

You still sleep in between us at night. You love to cuddle up to one of us and bury your face into our side. You are starting to sleep longer and longer again(of course now that I am writing this, you will start waking up again!) and I usually hear from you about twice between 7 pm and 8 am. I love cuddling with you at night-especially now that I am back at work. Of course, when you decide at 3 am that you want to play, I just roll you closer to your daddy. Your favorite thing to do is pull his arm hairs until he gets up with you. I tell him that you just want some special daddy time!

Grevin, you have made my life so full of joy and laughter. You are such a happy baby. Even strangers comment on your wonderful smile and laugh...a few have told me that you have made their day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit with everyone around you.

I love you- Grey, Gravy, Grevenstein, Biscuits!



Ali and Scotty said...

J does the rasberries too! Like ALL THE TIME! It's so funny. I do it back to him and he laughs and laughs! I will be in Novato on the 21, 22, 23, 24 or so, so maybe I can come up to RP and we can have lunch!

Brian and Michelle said...

I love you Grevin! It's been too long since Andrew and I have seen your smile. Hopefully you will be able to play with us this week! ;)

Bill and Paige said...

Grevin...we can't wait to see you. Hayley wants to drool all over you:)

It's so fun to read your letters because H is doing all teh same things. I can't believe our babies are so big already:(

Tania said...

HEHE!! He's a riot! Sounds like lots of fun to be had at the DeShazer's!! Hope we can catch up soon, school starts next week, so a more normal schedule for me soon. Miss you!

Auntie said...

See, he's trying to pop the soccer ball by bitting it! He doesn't like it!! :)

Brian and Michelle said...

I can't believe how big he is now compared to the soccer ball. Wow, whoever thought of that idea must have been AMAZING!!