Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally, you feed me!

"Bring it on, mommy!"

We had Grammie and Grandpa over for dinner last night and decided that it was time for Grevin to join us at the table. It was getting to the point that it looked like we were torturing Grey by not giving him any food. I take that back, Zippy had snuck him a bit of apple from apple pie and that nice lady at the birthday party last weekend thought he should have some of her ice cream, but don't get me started on that. Great Grandma Oglesby had mailed us this cute doggy bib so we decided to go ahead and start with rice cereal this weekend. He was so funny. I gave him a bite and he immediately swallowed it, I was expecting for it to come flying out of his mouth! He couldn't get enough of it. We kept joking that he was acting like he had never had a meal in his entire life which was actually the truth :) He wanted to help the entire time and anytime I would take the spoon back to get more, he would get very impatient! He absolutely LOVED it! I guess it is time to work on manners now!

The whole process is more fun that I had imagined. It is great to have him part of the social environment at the table and it is fun to see his reaction to new things. I had actually been dreading it and I am not sure why. Well, I do know why. It means that he is growing up. I love nursing him and don't want that special time together to end. Grammie said solids should make him sleep better at night, but lucky for me, he was up FOUR times last night to nurse!!! I guess he enjoys that time together too:)

We are starting to make our own baby food as well. We have yellow squash from our garden and I made zucchini puree yesterday from our friend Michelle's garden. I am going to make some sweet potatoes and peas this week to freeze. It is so easy and Grevin loves watching me make it in the food processor from his jumpy jump or while he is playing with the bowls and spoons on the floor. I am hoping this means that I can actually start cooking again for us, too!


Becca said...

um - the nice lady was at Noah's party? Ice cream really? Who would do that? Must have been from Josh's side of the family - I hope...Sorry!

Looks like he loves his cereal! Happy mealtimes.

Bill and Paige said...

YEAH!! We're back on the same chapter again:)

Okay something must be in the rice cereal...ever since I've given it to H she has been up 1-2 times/night to nurse ever since I've started rice cereal. I'm taking that as a clue that she doesn't want nursing to end either:)

We made all the same foods...Can't wait to go at this together:) I think I'm going to start sweet potatoes tonight:)

Glad it was a good experience!!

Brian and Michelle said...

I'm glad the eating experience went well. It's nice to see Grevin finally being able to use his high chair! Let me know if he likes the zucchini, we have plenty more to give him.