Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Husbands, Wives, & Babies According to Grey

Grey is at such a fun age right now and has us cracking up on a daily basis. He has always been a sweetheart and very loving. Awhile back, we started talking about at what age you can do things. Like kindergarten, drive a car, move out, go to college, etc. His latest obsession is when he can get married and when he can have babies. Here are a few of the conversations we have had over the last couple weeks:

Grey: "Mommy, I want a real drill like daddy and Grandpa have"
Me: "Well, when you are a little older you can probably borrow daddy's drill to practice but you probably won't have your own until you are 18."
Grey: " Oh, so when I can have babies I can have a drill?? Because I am going to have babies when I am 18"
Me: "Ummmm, I hope not! I think you will probably go to college then."
Grey: " Oh, that's right. I am going on an airplane and sleeping in a bunk bed when I get to college!! Yippee!"

About a week later....

Grey: "Mommy, when can I have a husband?"
Me: "Are you going to marry a boy or girl? and why exactly are you asking?"

Grey: Silly, mom, I am going to marry a girl. And I want to know when my babies can come out of her tummy."
Me: "Ok, then you will be the husband and the girl will be called your wife. Maybe when you are older than 25????"

This weekend at dinner one night..
Grey: "I don't think Zoe will make a good wife."
(Zippy and I look at her and at each other trying not to bust up laughing. She is covered head to toe in food and is in one of her "moods" so we think maybe that is what he means??)
Me(still trying to stifle that laugh): "Why do you say that?"
Grey: "Because I know her and I don't know my wife yet."

And then yesterday, he was being super sweet and helping me around the house.
Me: "Grey, you are such a big helper!! I think you need to live with me FOREVER and never move out."
Grey: "You can come to college with me mommy on the airplane, and so can Zoe and Daddy. You can all help me find my wife."
Me: "Do you think you need help finding a wife?"
Grey: "Probably. I haven't found one yet. Daddy found you at college so he must be good at finding wives."

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