Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zoe: Two Years


Dearest Zozo:
Where does the time go? It is passing us by way too fast as you are blooming into a very silly, very funny, very strong willed, loving, cuddly little girl. You are definitely living up to officially being "2" now. These are are some phrases we hear quite often around our house:

"No want it!!!"

"Mommy, don't want it; Daddy, want it!!" (meaning you want nothing to do with me & want dad or vice versa)

"vie,vie" (Dutch song)

"I luf ooo, momma"

"NOOOOO, My BUTTON!!"(anytime you think someone might get your belly button)

You are so very independent. You don't ask for help but figure out a way to get what you want. For example we have straws on the counter. You want one. Instead of pointing and asking, you pull open drawers to climb up until you reach them.

I didn't even know you knew how to count until the other day in the bath. You started counting bath toys to yourself and got to 14.  FOURTEEN! I knew you could do one-two-three but that was it. It is amazing how much you soak up. Now you practice counting anything and everything that we pass in the car. So cute.

You have used the potty a few times now but you will not do it unless you are the one deciding you need to go. If I ask you to sit on it, you will...for 2 seconds and then tell me "don't have to." But if you are diaperless, more often than not, you will go sit on it and go on your own. 

The caution is starting to catch up with you, my fearless little girl. THANK GOD! You used to climb anything and everything (and for the most part you still do) but I have noticed at the playgrounds you get a little fearful of heights when the climbing structure has the "holes" where you can see underneath. You will actually stop and climb back down! I never thought I would see that day!

You are an accessory girl for sure. You love to wear hats, sunglasses, shoes (especially boots), necklaces, bracelets, costumes, you love to have your purse and phone.

You love to sing. We listen to the Laurie Berkner Band almost everyday on the way home from Grammie's house. Your little voice is so sweet and I am impressed at how well you know that words! Better than I do :)

Of course you still adore your brother but you can definitely hold your own with him! You get knocked down, pushed around but you don't go down easily. Most of the time, you act like nothing even happened and just keep going. If he upsets you, you let everyone know though!

You are FUNNY. On purpose too :) You love to ham it up. You are getting more comfortable around people. You used to avoid anyone you didn't know but now you wave at everyone at the store. One time, you tried to smack a woman's bottom as she walked by us in the aisle, while saying. "GOT YOUR BOOTY!!" Maybe we don't always set the best example!!

It has been so much fun watching you this last year grow into your personality. I am looking forward to watching you grow but I would appreciate it if you would stay little for just a while longer.


Here is the best I could get with your giraffe :)


Anonymous said...

so cute, so sweet ,love these posts
Happy 2nd birthday precious
Love Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the letter and please give Zoe some more hugs for us. GG