Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Time

Here are some pictures from the summer...better late than never, right?

Visit to Chico to see the Parish's

 Lots of pool time/swim lessons. 
Grey was my little fish this last year, learning how to swim on his own. Zoe on the other hand was named the barnacle because she wrapped her arms and legs around me and wouldn't let go!

 Wouldn't be summer without soccer camp!

 Planted our first garden and it thrived! The kids loved grazing the garden and Zoe loved eating green onions and chives right out of the ground.
 The Deierling Family came up to visit us in NorCal....another great weekend with friends.
 Brandon took off Grey's training wheels!

 Loving some cousin time

Zoe started coming down with more attitude this summer...oh...Zoe.

 Family bike riding..with no training wheels!!
 Zoe loves helping in the garden :)

 Happy Birthday, Brandon! Donuts since he doesn't like cake :)

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