Sunday, July 28, 2013

Camping at Casini Ranch

We finally got a weekend to go camping, yay!!! We went out to camp on the Russian River with the Wings, Hansens, and Macways. You would have thought we were staying for a month instead of about 40 hours! But we ate well, played hard, laughed hard, swam hard, and drank hard! The only thing that Zoe did not do was sleep well. The whole camp ground was probably ready to strangle her friday night when she screamed on and off for a couple of hours. Ugh! It is a good thing she is cute.
Super heros!
 Andrew & Grey showing off their superhero muscles
 Zoe checking out our beach on the Russian River. Our campsite location was perfect!
 Lots of snuggles :)
 Getting ready for a fire
 Grey is going to roast my marshmallows from now on. He didn't catch it on fire, was very patient, and it was perfectly brown on all sides. Best s'more marshmallow I have ever seen!
 Zoe loves her s'mores. She was covered in stickiness!
 Bella was such a great camping dog and so patient with all the kids.
 Shhh! Tor is sleeping.
 Zoe loved the pop up tent trailer!

 Zoe and Ripley throwing rocks in the river, waiting for the sun to come out and warm us up!

 Michelle and Alex snuggling while Alex takes a nap on the beach. Nothing better!
 Dig, boys, dig!

 Adults enjoying the beach, too. Michelle was the one more properly dressed for the weather in this picture. Brandon is a nut!
 Brian missed his calling

 The Wing boys having fun!
 Alex the mermaid
 Brandon thinking about getting all the way in and trying to find Grey's fish that he lost (the little rubber fish that attaches to the end of Grey's fishing pole when flying off when Brandon cast it out REALLY HARD, trying to get it to go far.)

 Andrew practicing the balance beam!
 The moms headed out for some peace and quiet where the kids couldn't get to us and we couldn't hear them!
 Ripley wanted to make sure Zoe was safe crossing the road!
 Shhh! Tor is sleeping again. 
 Zoe and her new family. Unfortunately, the Hansen's only wanted her during the day and not at night when she was screaming!
 Everyone on the hayride around the campgrounds. The driver told us we were in the first class wagon because we brought champagne along for the ride. BYOC! 
 Waving at all the other campers!
 Zoe finally had another little girl to play with....only if Alex lived closer!
 Brandon out entertaining almost all of the kids (only Brewer is missing here)

 Zoe loves her Tor!
 Enjoying the frog book from Aunt Barbara while camping. The kids hoped they could find frogs!

 Don't ask. I have no clue what is happening here!
Camping is hard work for little boys!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, do you not how to camp? Here in MO we usually have at least 1 tent floating...
Sure glad you all had a good time. GG