Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flashback Thursday!

As we are preparing to expand our family in the next month, I couldn't help but look back through my pictures of my first babies. They are going to be 4 this year!! Of course, they don't act that way most of the time :-) I think they are beginning to realize that our lives are going to be changing soon. They are demanding more attention and really want to cuddle lately. When Zippy was in Tahoe, I told them it was time to go to bed (they sleep on the floor in our room) and they both headed to the baby's room and laid in front of the crib! I am really interested to see how they adapt to life with baby. On one hand, they will not have to be locked in their kennel all day long since I will actually be home...but depending on their behavior, they maybe spending more time outside! Zippy will bring home a baby blanket and we have been hanging out in the baby room, turning on the swings and noisy things....Anyone have any experiences/suggestions to share with getting dogs adjusted to babies?

My babies, Ado and Luna, at the beach-2005

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