Friday, February 27, 2009

Week One-Maternity Leave

Time does fly when you are having fun - and even when you are not! I got alot of errands done, rooms cleaned, stuff taken to Goodwill, and the dogs have gotten lots of quality time with me. When it wasn't raining, Ado and I played ball for hours (I think I am feeling a little guilty about the baby coming so soon!). When it was raining, the dogs got to enjoy sleeping in the house for the afternoon where it was dry and I watched some movies. I went to lunch with friends. Caught up on the phone with far away friends. I went to the library. I set up an appointment to get our carseat checked to make sure it was properly installed with CHP. I went to yoga class. I went swimming. We celebrated our anniversary.

And I got sick. Zippy was sick this last weekend and I kept telling him to stay away. Well, it didn't help. Tuesday evening I started feeling lousy, my throat hurts, I have a cough, I am achy and I can't sleep at all. I have spent the last couple of days trying to rest, drinking tea...just about anything that I can(which isn't much because of being pregnant!!). Luckily, I am feeling much better...and I think it is because I went swimming this morning.

Swimming has to be the best thing ever while you are pregnant. The baby is active in general but was going crazy while I was swimming!! It was the coolest thing. Plus, it was great to feel weightless. My back, my hips, and my legs are thanking me right now!! I am glad I am feeling better because we have a long weekend ahead of usand I couldn't imagine being sick and going into labor. Zippy's work is throwing us a shower tomorrow and I am hanging out with some girl friends on Sunday so this baby needs to wait until next week. Then game on! March is almost here!!


Jill said...

You poor thing! I hope Zippy felt really guilty for getting you sick so close to delivery! ; )

I'm glad you are feeling better...hang in there because I have a feeling you are going to be EXHAUSTED next week!!

Tania said...

Oh no! I had that cold right before Lulu. It's no fun! I'm sure baby won't come before you're feeling better. It's like they know.

Swimming sounds like such a good idea.Hope you feel better soon!

Brian and Michelle said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your "vacation"! Let me know if you go swimming again next week, Andrew and I will join you!

Bill and Paige said...

I hope that you don't regret taking off a week earlier!

That sucks that you were sick:( It's no fun being pregnant because you can't take anything! Glad your feeling better!

Good luck at the CHP...I did that and my guy was a retard! He had no idea what he was talking about. I completely took my carseat out and re-installed it the wrong way! Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did.

Seriously...if you give birth before I do I will be so made!