Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend. Zippy's work threw us a baby shower on Saturday and it was so much fun having a co-ed shower. I made Zippy open all the presents, too! It was alot of fun and the weather was nice enough for us to have it outside!

Yummy cake and ice cream bar

All this stuff for such a tiny baby!

And something for dad, too!!
On Sunday, I headed down to my friend, Tanya's house. A few of us girls hung out and decided to do the pregnancy belly cast that Tanya was not able to do when she had Fletcher 6 weeks early. I wasn't too sure about it to begin with but it is actually really cool. It is similar to doing paper mache or maybe putting a cast on your arm. Luckily it dried really quickly and I didn't have to stand around for a long time waiting for it to dry! It will be neat to put the baby in it afterwards to see how he/she fit in there -- and also to hold it up to my belly in a few months to see how big I really was!

I wanted to also congratulate Bill and Paige on their precious little girl who was born on Sunday, March 1st. I am sure you have seen her comments on my blog and to see her little one, you can use the link to her blog on the right side of the page, Robers in the Rockies. Hayley is such a cutie!

Zippy and I are trying to wait patiently for our baby's grand entrance into the world. He is hoping it is tonight so he doesn't have to go to work tomorrow which is a huge meeting day. He has been talking to my belly trying to convince the little one to go ahead and come out and play. It is hilarious!!


Bill and Paige said...

Okay so Bill is jealous Zippy got a Wii! He better play it this next week plus since he won't have much time to play in the early months of his/her arrival!

I love that you did the belly cast. I can't wait to see the pic of the baby in it. That's going to be really weird!!

I can't wait for you to have this baby! Labor is not that bad! Just hope you plan on getting drugs and get them EARLY! Don't wait:) HAPPY PUSHING!

Jill said...

OMG, how can you possibly fit all of that stuff into your house?!? What a lucky baby! I'm not even going to let Ryan see that Zippy got a Wii for a baby shower gift...I will never hear the end of it!

So I officially just voted for GIRL! We will find out soon enough. Good luck...I will be sending happy labor thoughts your way.

Tania said...

I keep waiting to hear that baby has arrived, so exciting!

A Wii! Lucky guy!

Looking forward to that belly cast photo too!

Anonymous said...

I guess his wish didn't come true since I haven't gotten a call yet.....

The DeShazers said...

The day is not over yet!!