Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't forget the dogs!

Every weekend we try to get the dogs out for a run and to play ball. Unfortunately, they do not get as much attention on a daily basis as they used to. We usually go out to a school or field that is much bigger than our back yard and they love to run their hearts out. Just this week, Luna has started trying to keep an eye out for Grevin. Here she is hanging out with us wanting to be close by-which if you know her, that is so unlike her! She is the one who ran off on our walk in the woods and finally came back almost an hour later when we were walking out and thinking we had lost her forever. When she comes in the house she looks at all of Grevin's hangouts-my arms, the bassinet, the swing, and hunts for him until she finds him then she settles down. Plus, she has all of sudden turned into a ball dog as well. She used to just chase Ado when he went after the ball but now has started stealing his ball so we have to throw two balls now! I think she finally realized she needed to put in some effort to ensure she gets attention....

Luna, Grevin, and Me( I LOVE the ergo carrier!!)
All that running makes Luna thirsty!

Ado, too!

Life is rough as a dog.

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