Friday, September 4, 2009

Feeding Update

It looks like the rice cereal wasn't a huge hit. He absolutely loves eating it but it doesn't really get along with his tummy. He was really gassy and couldn't sleep. I don't think it is related and neither did the advice nurse, but he started getting congested as well. Every time I would lay him down, he would scream (gas and pressure in his ears from congestion?) so I decided to stop feeding him the cereal on Wednesday. He has done much better since then so I think we are going to go straight to fruits and veggies this weekend.


Brian and Michelle said...

I hope the fruits and veggies work better than the rice cereal did. If not, you'll just have to breast feed forever!

Bill and Paige said...

oh no! Are you sure you just don't want to exclusivly breast feed? Why didn't you fill me in on your little trick? :)

Did you try the organic stuff?

Hope the fruits and veggies go better!!

Jill said...

Poor baby! I bet he will LOVE the oatmeal like Shane did...and still does!