Sunday, January 6, 2013

Uncle Ben & Auntie Quinn Come to Visit (November)

Quinn was in California for a work trip and Uncle Ben decided to tag along back in November. We lucked out and got a room on the 30th floor at the St. Francis over looking Union Square all decorated for the holidays. The rain didn't hold us back and we trekked all over the city looking for good times. We went to the Tonga Room for a quick drink before meeting up with Stephanie and heading out to the marina district for dinner before heading out for more drinks on Union Street.

The next day, we headed back up to Sonoma County. Grammie watched the kids for us while we showed Ben and Quinn all that Sonoma County had to offer (really, they should just move out here!!) 

Enjoying some beer tasting at Bear Republic
Then we headed off to a few wineries (really, they should just move here, don't they look like naturals??!)

The kids adore their Uncle Ben. He was a great horse!

Uncle Ben was showing the kids, Rucca, his doggie!
Grey loves his pretty girls :)
Uncle Ben is magic and can always find money behind the kids ears. The kids kept looking for coins even after they left and they still couldn't find any! We need them to come back!!

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