Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Year of Baseball

As many of you know, we are a soccer oriented I was surprised at how much fun we had this year for Grey's first year of tee-ball practice. Grey loved that he was on the A's, a local team. The games were hysterical to watch, the other parents were a lot of fun, and Grey just really had a blast learning new skills and making new friends. I was really amazed at how quickly they progressed from this motley crew of kids who didn't have a clue about baseball and barely being able to hit a ball off a tee to being able to throw pretty much where they wanted to throw and having the coaches pitch to them.

He spent the first few games literally tackling the ball in the outfield, throwing himself to the ground each time to get the ball. I guess Brandon had told him at one point that he needed to move his body like he was blocking a soccer goal and Grey took it very literally. Then he decided he needed to pound his bat on home plate like a caveman in between each pitch from his coach. After each game, they played a game of cat and mouse where both teams ran the bases. He was a fast little boy! That was his favorite part besides giving the other team a high five after the game. We are looking forward to next year!

Opening Weekend Parade

waving to us during the parade...there were about 700 baseball players marching!

 Watching other games...
Got to warm up!

 Zoe's ready to go too!

 I love how big the smallest pants were. He looks tiny!

Grey looked tiny compared to the other team!

Grey was #2. Love these little guys!

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