Thursday, September 10, 2009

1/2 year birthday

Dear Grevin,

Wow. We are here already?? I really don't know what to say. I feel like the months are flying by and this is just a preview of how the years are going to go. I try to cherish every single moment I have with you because the next day something has changed. It goes that fast.
Your hair is starting to grow in and your comb over is still a comb over but not as bad as it used to be! It is definitely getting lighter overall-some days it looks like brown, some days red, other days blonde. It looks like the new hair is a dirty blonde color. It will be interesting to see what color it will end up! Your eyes are brown but getting a little lighter every day. Maybe they will end up hazel?

You are expressing yourself with happy babble and you definitely let us know when things are not going your way! If you want something, you won't give up. For example: You try to play with the remote and I used to be able to just move it out of your sight and it would not be an issue. NOW, you look for it and wiggle and wiggle trying to get to it.

You smile your big smile when you recognize someone who walks into the room. If I come to pick you up after work and I don't pick you up immediately, you will start crying even though you were smiling a second ago. You are starting to reach out to the person who is picking you up. You absolutely love peek-a-boo. We can look at you and say 'boo' and you crack up. You love it when we throw something over your face and you can take it off. We get your big smile every time!

Right after the 5 month mark, you started sitting up. Now, you act like you have been doing it forever. You can reach way over to grab toys and not fall over. If you do get off balance, you can correct yourself immediately. I rarely see you topple over anymore which is a good thing with us having hardwood floors in the house! I have seen you once go from your belly to sitting so I am sure you will have this mastered by next month.

You are really trying to crawl. You get on your hands and knees. Rocking like crazy, moving your knees. You just haven't figured out how to move your hands. You go backwards without a problem and we often find you tangled with your legs around the coffee table or under a chair or the couch. You entertain yourself for longer and longer every day, trying out all of your new found skills. If we lay you on your back, you immediately flip to your stomach and start doing push ups. You used to get so upset when you would go backwards, now you starting to realize that you are actually moving yourself!! If you are sitting up, I can leave you and come back to you being in the same place...but if you are laying down, who knows where you will end up!

We started solids this month. You LOVE, LOVE , LOVE to eat but the rice cereal did not seem to agree with you so we changed to avocado. You can't get enough of it and I am impressed that it doesn't end up all over you. You already want to feed yourself and we can't get it into you soon enough. Next week, we are going to try sweet potatoes!

You are still a people baby. Men with facial hair and children of any age are definitely your favorite. We went out to the river over Labor Day weekend and you wanted to stay up all day and night to play with everyone there. The only time you weren't sure about someone was when you woke up as we got there and Bruce (aka "Santa") wanted to play with you. You gave us that pouty lip and started to cry. That was the first time I had ever seen that!!

You are still not sleeping through the night consistently. Some days you will go 6 hours, other days 45 minutes. Nothing consistent. I try to put you down awake but you scream as though your heart is breaking and I just can not let you cry it out. I guess you will just sleep with your mommy and daddy forever and we will have to go to college with you. I hope your wife doesn't mind sleeping in the family bed :)

You would think after being back to work now for two months, that it would be easier to be away from you. You really have lots of fun with Grammie. She takes you all over the place, visits family, and takes you for lots of walks. It is great knowing that you two are having a great time together, but I still wish I could be there. The weekends do not come fast enough and then I can't get enough of you!

Your daddy and I were talking yesterday about what a great baby you are. We even said that you have ruined it for any sibling of yours because there is no way they can be better....unless they slept through the night and took great naps from day one! Other than that, we are spoiled!!

Looking forward to the next 6 months...guess I better start planning the first birthday party soon!!



Bill and Paige said...

ummm...Hayley minds the family bed because they can't live in CA...they have to live in our basement. I do like the college idea though:) Maybe we can all share a suit at sonoma state?:)

I don't even want to think about starting to plan their 1st bday party:(

He's so cute and growing so fast! Hope this month is a great as the last 6!

Bill and Paige said...

I love that I got this 1st thing in the morning and not after work...good job mommy!

Brian and Michelle said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Grevin! You are growing up so fast. Andrew can't wait to play with you and show you all of the fun (trouble) you can get into once you are mobile.

A Mother's Nature said...

Happy Happy Birthday Grevin!

Liz said...

Happy 1/2 birthday :) You are adorable Grevin!!!