Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Swim Lessons!

Grevin and I went to his first swim "lesson" yesterday and it was so much fun. He was one of three in his class with the other two being cousins who were about 18 months old. He LOVED watching everyone else in the pool and it didn't even phase them when they would splash and it would soak his face. The funniest part was in the beginning when they did the introduction song ("Child's Name" is in the pool..etc for each child) and we were the last ones. Grevin was watching some other older swim class behind us and when they said his name in the song, his head spun around so fast and his eyes were HUGE...kind of like " how in the world did they know my name??!!!" Everyone started cracking up at his expression. I wasn't able to take pictures since it was just the two of us and my digital camera is not waterproof. Hopefully I can get some tomorrow when we go. We will be going underwater tomorrow!!


Brian and Michelle said...

Swim class is the BEST! I'm glad he is liking it so much.

Bill and Paige said...

OH so glad he's liking it! Did you dunk him? :)

Ali and Scotty said...

He's gonna be a fishy in no time!