Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Month Check Up

We went to our 6 month check up and it went well like always. The only thing that was off was his temperature, it was 93.4 the first time and after we asked the nurse about it, he said, hmmm...I guess that is a little low. LOL! A little? He did it again and it was 94.5. Hmmm....I don't think he would be alive if that was accurate but they don't seem to mind on the doctor's office. I guess the ONLY accurate way of getting their temp at this age is the butt and the nurse didn't want to do that. Too funny.

Head: 18"
Length: 27.75"
Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz.

Doctor was impressed at how engaged he was with everyone and everything around him. Grey is also starting to show some stranger anxiety when he is tired. He played for a few minutes with the doctor and then started to cry and tried to reach out for Zippy and me. He seems to only get it when he is really tired but doctor said that this is a great sign...means he has a "secure" attachment.

I am really glad that Grey will not have any more vaccines until 14 months. He remembered this time as we sat down in the injection clinic. They started to clean off his leg and he started crying even before she brought out the needle!


Bill and Paige said...

poor little guy and his shots! I'm glad we're in transition with our insurance...I'm not ready for shots yet:) Weird about his temp...but what kind of mom are you not sticking your fingers in his butt to take his temp?:) Bring him to me and I'll do it:)

Give him wet slobbery kisses from buggy!

farawayfromhome said...

Totally agree with your doc on the secure relationship. We didn't realize it but while living in Japan our boys perceived that anyone speaking English was a friend and everyone else a stranger. What a ess to fix.