Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grevin's "so advanced"

In the crib at Grandma DeShazer's house

"so advanced." That is what everyone hears from Zippy when they say to be more careful with his 5 week old baby. "Support his head" or "be more gentle" from Zippy's mom or Grandma gets met with a "he's so advanced." He shows the picture above to prove it. Little did he know that his dad, the photographer, caught the truth behind the photo!!


Brian and Michelle said...

That is fantastic!!

Ali and Scotty said...

That's funny. I always say Jared is SO SMART when he poops or farts.

Bill and Paige said...

Oh thank God! I really thought that he was standing:) That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

This is Grevin letting you all know that I am advanced. I like having daddy's hand on my back helping me belch...and I love all of you. Keep checking in, my vocabulary will increase as I spend more time with my daddy.

Love to the fans,

Tania said...

Hehe, you guys crack me up, too funny!