Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grevin and Daddy

Grevin is so lucky to have Zippy as his daddy. They both just adore each other. Even though I am nursing, they have had alot of time together to bond while I take my naps! Grevin is staying awake longer and longer and is starting to interact more and more - and if you know Zippy, you know how entertaining he is!!

At the hospital

Nap time

"I have a present for you, daddy!"

When we were filling out the pre-admission paperwork for the hospital, it was asking for info for the newborn but Grevin wasn't even born yet. The person looked it over and asked what the ethnicity of the newborn would be. Zippy said he better be caucasian or we might have to have a serious talk! Well, Zippy's mom scanned his baby photo for me and I don't think there is any doubt who Grevin's baby daddy is!!

Baby Zippy


Bill and Paige said...

I love this post!!!! Grevin is lucky to have Zippy as a daddy:) I would love to be fly on the wall while you nap and zippy is watching him:) Please set up a nanny cam for us!

You need to put a picture of Grevin next to zippy baby picture so we can get a side by side. I wish I had one of Bill (that's a whole other post on inlaws that michelle wants to set up!).

Ali and Scotty said...

I thought Grevin looked like you...but now that I see Zippy's picture, then I had to change my mind.