Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 month check up

Last Friday we went in for Grevin's four month well check. He was trying to eat the stethoscope and pull the doctor's beard so the doctor said he was right on track! One of my biggest concerns was that I didn't know if I was pumping enough milk for while he was at Grammie's and if I should start introducing solids. The doctor said it would be completely fine to do that but then I had a parent educator come out to the house later that day from the Families First program and she said to NOT start him yet, to wait until 6 months-she acted like it would be detrimental to his health if I started before then. She suggested supplementing with formula instead for the next few weeks. As a parent, you have to love all the mixed messages you get from what is safe to eat, when to start eating, how much to feed them, where they should be sleeping, how they should be sleeping, what they should be doing at what age, do you let your baby cry so they learn to self sooth or do you traumatize them if they cry,etc, etc, etc. No one can agree on anything! Sorry, I just think there is way too much information out there and too many strongly opinionated people. I think you have to do what works best for your family.

Anyways, enough ranting, and back to the check up! I have to say again how much I love my doctor because he shares that same philosophy about what works best for your family. He is so good with Grevin and with explaining things to Zippy and me. He also likes that he doesn't have to give the vaccines to Grey so Grey won't associate him with that! We have to go down to the injection clinic...and this is the only part that sucks because it is where the swine flu clinic is! Everyone on one side of the room has on masks and then there is us! Grevin was a trooper like usual and just cried for a moment. He was a little fussy the rest of the day but was back to his smiley self the next day!

Grevin's stats:
17 pounds 14 ounces
26" (they measured incorrectly last time so I am not sure much he really grew)


Jill said...

What a brave boy! He is catching up to Shane's size quick! I especially noticed in the pictures with the same life jacket Shane has. Let's get these boys together!!! Fair this weekend...too bad Grey isn't crawling yet!

Tania said...

I hear you on the mixed messages, it's so frustrating!!

I can't believe he's already 4, no fair!

Tania said...

I meant 4 months! LOL!