Friday, July 10, 2009

Month 4


Here we are again. I am trying to keep the tears in check as I write this but they keep rolling down my cheeks as I type. I have really enjoyed being able to be at home with you for four months, and I know that I was very lucky to have that much time, but I am so so so very sad to have to go back to work in a few days. It helps to know that Grammie will be taking care of you but I am so jealous that she will be there to see so many of your "firsts."
It has been amazing to watch your personality bloom this month. You are definitely a "people person" as you do not hesitate to wow everyone with your toothless grin. You brighten my day along with anyone else who crosses your path! You wait until someone looks at you and then you give them the BIGGEST grin so they will continue giving you attention. You and your daddy are very much alike because you both have a hard time sitting still. You love to be constantly moving and seeing new things. Grandpa Kearney kept wanting to cuddle with you and you just wanted to go-go-go!
This month has been alot about your tongue, your toes, and your voice. You are constantly sticking your tongue out and chewing on it. Your toes may be your favorite toy right now. You love to grab them and I have even seen you sleep holding onto them. You think they might be like your hands so you try to grab your toys with them. It cracks me up! You also like to talk. You love to hear your own voice and you make 'angry' sounds and then laugh!! You have discovered peek-a-boo. Your Uncle Ben is the funniest though. He can just look at you and you start laughing. He looks away and then looks back at you and you just crack up!
You are thinking about rolling over. You have rolled from back to front twice this week but I think the bed gave you some help. You can easily get to your side from your back but show no desire to go the rest of the way or from stomach to back.
I love you more and more everyday. I can't wait to see what next month will bring!


Jill said...

Awww! Don't make me cry too! It's tough the first week or two, but you will adjust. It just makes you appreciate your time with him so much more!

Anonymous said...

Grevin - Grammie is old and won't remember to tell mommy and daddy your firsts.... So you will have to do them for them and they will have to tell Grammie. I am really looking forward to having you. I hope I do as good of job playing and teaching you as your mommy and daddy do. See you Tuesday..Love Grammie

Ali and Scotty said...

Happy 4 months!!! He is soon going to surpass that soccer ball!