Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 months

Grevin William DeShazer.

Happy 3 months, baby boy! Can you believe how fast (again) the month has gone by? And you are growing so fast that you won't be my little baby much longer. I love every moment that I get to spend with you and seeing you discover the world around you.
This month has been full of new discoveries and adventures like always. You are getting really good with your hands. Your favorite new toy is a handful of mommy's hair! You giggle and smile constantly and LOVE it when mommy and daddy tickle your tummy or munch on your cute little feet. Your hands are fascinating and you are always surprised that they are still there later and that you can control them. Your hands are constantly in your mouth along with anything else you can get. And you are such a drool monster...because you are cutting your first tooth! I thought I had months before that would happen, but you are constantly surprising me. Luckily, you are not cranky and it doesn't seem to bother you. Your daddy thinks that once you have a tooth that you should be able to eat big people food. But what can one tooth really do??!

You can hold your head up like a champ and you LOVE to stand. If you are on anyone's lap, you would prefer to be standing on your feet rather than sitting or laying down. Your head is constantly spinning around, looking at everything, grabbing everything. Luckily, you still love to cuddle with me in between standing and exploring the world.

You love to spend time in the garden and Ado likes it, too. He throws his ball to you through the fence and looks at you patiently, waiting for you to pick it up and throw it back to him. Now you look at it and reach your little hands out, but can't quite reach it. It is good thing because that ball is disgusting! It won't be too long before you will be playing with him and making him very very happy.

You absolutely love the water-in the tub or the pool or just listening to the garden hose. We were at the pool the other day and I was holding you while your legs were in the water. I looked down and you had fallen asleep!
Of course, you are still growing like crazy. I put you on the scale this morning and you were over 16 pounds! I guess you are getting enough to eat :-)

Well, Grevy, I look forward to waking up with you tomorrow and seeing what other new things you can do to surprise me! I love you to pieces, baby boy!

Lots of hugs and kisses,



Brian and Michelle said...

We've had lots of fun with Grevin this month too! It's so much fun watching him grow.

Tania said...

Oh he's growing too fast, no fair!! Love these monthly posts!

Jill said...

You are too cute! Shane really needs to come over and play soon.

Ali and Scotty said...

Happy 3 Months....can you believe how fast it's been? I can just remember how we were complaining about being pregnant!

Bill and Paige said...

He's so cute!! I feel like Grevin and Hayley are twins seperated at birth...they are doing teh same things (excepts she HATES her bath):)

Isn't it teh best when they are looking at their hands and realize that they control's so fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Aunt bj
Oh my, I wish I could be watching him grow up too, it is not fair, I love the monthly posts, thank God for the internet As always Gods Blessings

dave and sarah o said...

what a great smile he has :) love the blog updates :) grevin looks like such a sweet baby :)