Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in my life!

Grandpa DeShazer

Grandpa Kearney

Grandpa Oglesby

And the newest daddy in our lives...Zippy! I think I get the worst mother of the year award because, AGAIN, I forgot my camera at home today. We were on the soccer fields at 8:30 this morning and left after watching 2.5 games (around 2:30 in the afternoon). Grevin and Zippy got to enjoy lots of bonding time on the sidelines and heckle the ref. Then they came home and took a nap together! Zippy is such a awesome dad and Grevin is one lucky boy:)
Happy First Father's Day, Zippy!


Bill and Paige said...

Happy Father's day Zippy!!

Jill said...

Happy Father's Day, Zippy!

P.S. I didn't take ONE picture yesterday, so I get to claim the award this time!

Tania said...

I cannot believe how big and adorable he is becoming, such a little man and so so cute!! Love that post about reading!!