Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is a baby blog, right?

This wouldn't be a baby blog without the blow out pictures! This one isn't nearly as bad as Hayley's but it has been the only time that I had my camera close by. I hate changing blow outs! We were out at a soccer game last weekend and he had one. I was trying to change him in the back seat and as soon as I had his outfit off and the diaper off...he peed all over the back seat. I am glad we have leather seats!


Bill and Paige said...

Thanks for hte shoutout!! Funny thing is when I saw your picture I immediately thought that it was not nearly as bad as mine:)

Where are your priorities at? If I dont' have a camera near by...I go get one:)

Tania said...

Toddlers blow out too, just warning you, Lulu had 3 today! OMG yuck!

Love your post, I was cracking up :)

The Gomez Family said...

Fun! I never think to take a picture of the blowouts, but they are pretty amazing sometimes. Sometimes it's pretty impossible to take care of the situation AND document it, too. :) Hope we can see you guys this summer!