Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We love our Stephy!

Grevin and I headed to Fairfield to get a Stephy-fix on Monday. Steph is going to be leaving us for a year to go to Mexico City to teach at an American School so needless to say, now that she is done with this school year, we need to try to see her as much as possible before she leaves the beginning of August! We had such a good time swimming at her moms, bbq-ing, and playing with her nieces and nephew. Grevin thought she was hilarious and absolutely loved her step dad, Enrique, who sang songs to him in Spanish. Grey just looked at him and laughed the whole time. I am so proud of Steph for going to teach abroad. She has been wanting to do it for awhile and it was perfect timing for her to go! I convinced her to start a blog Teaching in Mexico City so I can live vicariously through her this next year!!

Steph and Grey having a deep conversation
Grey riding in the baby doll stroller

Steph pushing him around

Me, Steph, and Grey

Steph with the sleepy Grey in the pool

The cutest little face ever
I have been pleasantly surprised at how much Grey likes the water. He hung out with us for HOURS in the pool and even falls asleep in the pool. It must be relaxing!!

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