Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in Tahoe

We had such a GREAT weekend! Grey and I headed up to Tahoe with our friend, Michelle, and her son, Andrew, on Thursday afternoon. It was our longest driving trip AND our first night away from home. Grevin. of course, was fantastic(except not wanting to sleep in the pack'n'play). Zippy drove up with Brian after work on Friday. On Saturday, there was a house full. Grevin's 'birth' buddy, Jared, came out to visit(he was born just days after Grey) and Brewer also joined in on the fun(he is about a month younger than Grevin). Friday during the day it was just Michelle and me, so we took the boys for a hike and wandered around the village at Northstar enjoying the beautiful day in the mountains and playing on the playground. Saturday morning arrived and Zippy convinced me to take the gondola up the mountain and to hike back down. I am so glad he did because it was such a beautiful hike. Luckily, we didn't ever have to go UP hill and Zippy got a chance to really test the limits of the stroller! The mountain bikers that passed us thought it was pretty entertaining to see the stroller on their offroading trails. We then met everyone at the pool to cool off and we were having a fantastic time until a little girl puked in the pool and they had to close it. It was a fun trip, a much needed vacation, and an enjoyable time hanging out with friends. I really want to thank the Wings for such great hospitality and for being such good friends. I foresee many more vacations together!

Michelle & Andrew, Ali & Jared, Michelle & Brewer, Jen & Grey

The dads & their boys: Greg, Brian, & Zippy (Scotty wasn't able to come)
Michelle kicking Brian's butt at Jenga at the Village
"I am KING!"
The gondola ride
Enjoying his first of many trips up the mountain
Grey's first black diamond. EXPERT riders only!
off roading

Dropping into the halfpipe
Playing in the snow!
What a great vacation!


Brian and Michelle said...

We had a great time with you too. Just wait until next year when we are running after all of the kids! Maybe we should bring some fencing and we can keep them caged in one place!!

Tania said...

Sounds like a great time!! Off-roading at his young age, he's going to keep you guys busy for sure! Adorable photos too!

Bill and Paige said...

So HAVE to come in Aug when I'm there!!!!

Jill said...

I'm totally impressed with Grevin's off-road skills! He is so cool :)